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If you need some extra money and have free time on the weekends and you have a skill with words, then you could consider one of the many types of writing possible to generate some extra income.

Among these are writing novels, poetry, magazine columns and articles, ghost writing, and guest blogging or blogging for yourself.

Writing – Novels, Poetry, Articles, Ghost Writing

Many people earn a regular living while writing, so why can’t you earn some extra money while writing as a weekend job?  You can do one of the things I’m doing.  I’m currently writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel.  I’m not doing it to earn money, but it very well might be a winner.  If you want to earn money writing novels, get into a niche that has a lot of readership, such as young adult fiction or romance novels.

You can also explore the idea of writing poetry.  It’s not a very lucrative idea, but if you can lease your poems to greeting cards, poetry anthologies, etc., you could earn some money like that.  Poetry is really something you do for the act of doing it, not for money.  Money may come if your passion shines through, though.

Another way people earn money is by writing columns and articles in newspapers and magazines.  You might be lucky enough to get one of those opinion columns, or you might get a question and answer column.  If you have journalistic tendencies, you might be able to write articles about certain topics of your own interest, or a magazine might hire you to do specific topics.

People pay a lot of money to have these things done for them, where they can pretend that it is them who did the work.  The true author is a ghost writer, meaning they are writing materials and allowing others to claim the work as their own.  Many celebrities and rich folk have books ghost written for them.  It’s a silly thing but it happens all of the time.  You could do this if you can make the connections.

Writing – Blogging and Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very similar to writing articles and columns for newspapers and magazines, but it’s done online on a website.  It may be a newspaper’s or magazine’s website, or just another blogger’s site.  What’s cool about this is you can usually get a link back to your own site from doing this, which can boost your own blog.  If you can get a popular blog that ranks highly on search engines, you’ll get a lot of traffic through your blog.  If you have advertisements or sell an e-book or a regular book, you might get some sales or advertising revenue in your own blog.

Writing can be a lucrative business.  If you are only doing it as a weekend job, then I’d probably go for a website.  I’d build my own while still guest blogging to get links and traffic back to my own site.  Good luck with this one.  I can’t imagine it’d be super easy.

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