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Now, let me go ahead and say up front.  I never did this.  I never thought it was possible.  But I know someone who did this, and it’s becoming more and more easy to do with the advent of online gaming.  Xbox Live and the PS3 Network have begun allowing video games tournaments where everyone buys in and the winner takes the pool.

Video Games Tournaments

People love playing these competitive first person shooter games.  People love playing the sports games like Madden NFL.  At colleges, tournaments in these games are happening all of the time anyways.  But with everything happening online now, you can use your skills to make some money.

video-gamesIt reminds me of that movie, The Wizard, where that kid is really good at Super Mario Brothers 3 and runs off to Las Vegas to play in a tournament and makes a ton of money.  That was the 1980’s.  It is now the 2010’s and everyone and literally even some grandmothers are playing video games.  There is a market and a competition now.

Video Games Debugging

A legit way to make money is to test video games and debug them if possible.  If you can find a bug and report it in a beta version of a game, that is a great help to the makers.  I know most games now have such a hype and fan base that most people will do this for free, but some companies are still paying people to test it.

Video Games Reviews

Combine this with the internet marketing idea and not only will you have some success but you’ll get free video games!  If you have a successful blog about video games, many companies will ship you copies for free if you do a long and a detailed (and positive) review.  Consider this weekend job, but it’ll take some time to build up the internet viewership.

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