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I’ve actually held a job as a teacher at an alternative school.  The job actually ended up making me more of a glorified tutor, where I’d help tons of kids with tons of subjects.  Whatever it was that they were stuck on at the moment I would help with, even though I specialized with mathematics.

But I was sitting in a parking lot while my lady was in some arts and crafts store and I saw a building next door that was an after school tutoring company.  They were paying around $15 an hour for a few hours after school every evening, and then I think they’d go for around six hours a day on the weekends.

That would be an easy several hundred extra dollars a week, and probably an extra thousand dollars a week.

Tutoring – Easy on the Body, Hard on the Mind

Do you have a high school education?  Do you remember a bunch of it?  Because that’s all you’ll need to tutor a bunch of high school teenagers and middle school kids.  It’s not rocket science for sure.  But you’ll need a basic understanding of all of the curriculum to do this.

If you can handle it, you’ll find it’s also pretty interesting to communicate and interact with a ton of different people.  Kids are always fun.


Kids love to have fun, and if you can make tutoring fun, then the kids will learn all the better.  The more fun they have, the more rapport you build and the more they will listen and learn.

You Can Make Money and Have Fun Tutoring

This will make a great weekend job for anyone.  It would be fun, you can relax, and still make good money.  Consider this, as you will be contributing to society and to the youth, who are the future of our world.  Good money, good karma!

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