Stand Up Comedy

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If you are a funny person, then there is always a market for humor.  A comedian works very hard but can make some good money.  Do you crack up your family, friends, or co-workers?

If you understand how to dissect, construct, and deliver a great joke, people will pay you to entertain them, especially in stand up comedy.

Stand Up Comedy – Open Mic

You’ll probably have to start with an open mic club where you perform simply to gain a following.  Once you get some name recognition, you can start charging minimal cover fees to get people in the door.  Once you become a regular at a certain club, they’ll start offering you a regular payment plus a percentage of the door.  It can build up quickly if you are good at performing.

Stand Up Comedy – CD, DVD, Books

stand-up-comedyIf you become successful you can continue to build your brand and income through selling cd’s of your jokes so folks can listen whenever and where ever.

You can also sell DVD’s of your performance so people can show their friends.  You can sell books, stickers, t-shirts, etc.  Building a brand here is a definite possibility.

Stand Up Comedy – Writing for Shows

A great way comedians make a killing is by voice acting for shows and eventually writing for comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live or Family Guy, etc.  You can do cartoons, movies, nightly shows such as The Tonight Show.  There are many opportunities because fresh jokes are hard to come up with.  If you have a knack for it, you can win!  This is a decent weekend job that would be fun and gain you some notoriety.

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