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March 4th, 2013 by Shane Petersen Leave a reply »
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Here are some great weekend jobs for you to consider that don’t take that much energy out of you.  You can get part time jobs at any number of places.  Part time work is great because there are many of places that seem to get busy over the weekend but don’t need as much help during the week.  These establishments would gladly hire you just for a good 16 hours on the weekend.

Part Time Jobs for You

What are some of these part time jobs you can jump into that don’t require much training?  You could work for a fast food restaurant.  You could bust tables at a sit down restaurant.  You could work as a bank teller.  You can bag groceries at a grocery store, or you could stock shelves there or even at a lumber yard or any kind of store really.

A Part Time Job is Easy Money

I have a friend who does part time work as a cashier and makes some pretty decent money.  You could do this at a grocery store or at a gas station.  There are so many part time jobs out there that you’d be hard pressed to not find one.  My sister, once upon a time, did a weekend job for a video rental business.  All she did was sit there, watch movies, do her college homework, and restock the movies once they were turned back in.  It was a piece of cake and she made far above minimum wage doing it!  Easy work.

It’s hard to go into all of the options for weekend jobs in this category.  You just have to get out there and stop looking.  In any decent sized city, if you treated one Saturday like a regular work day and filled out applications for eight hours, you’d surely have a part time job by the next weekend.  A weekend job can save your finances, and part time work is a perfect solution to this problem.

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