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A great weekend job for the artistic among you is painting and drawing.  If you are a skilled artist, then this might be the right idea for you.

Many people make all kinds of money being commissioned for art projects, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, interior design, and more.

This includes being hired by individuals, companies, and the city.

Painting and Drawing – Individuals

Individuals will hire someone who is visually artistic to paint landscapes, draw caricatures, create blueprints, and more.  I’m currently writing a book, and I’ll need someone to draw some illustrations, including rustic fantasy scenes and old maps, etc.  There are so many opportunities for working for random individuals.  You can go to a flea market or busy traffic section and post up to draw caricatures, paint people, draw real life scenery, etc.  People will buy or hire you on the spot on impulse if you are in the right spot at the right time.

Painting and Drawing – Companies

Companies are constantly looking for artists to come paint scenery on their walls.  This includes big corporations and restaurants, etc.  They may be looking for sculptures, paintings of their CEO’s, or wanting to hire you to illustrate their books, or even become a new artist for their comic books.  There are great opportunities.  Another idea is to just paint and draw as much as you can and upload lower resolution images to your website.  Companies may look at them and then lease the right to use the images from you for their magazines and books.

Painting and Drawing – City

Cities are always looking for beautification projects, meaning they want their city to look more appealing to the eye of visitors and their civilians.  There are many opportunities for painters, drawers, spray painters, sculptors, and more to work for the government, who pays well.  What I would do is get as many examples of my art in the local museums and art shows as possible.  A representative of the city is surely out scouting for opportunities to use local artists for the enhancement of the city.  You will surely end up in the newspaper for this as well, which is great publicity and likely to start bringing in consistent and regular business.

Painting and drawing is not only a wonderful weekend job but it can pay you throughout the week as well if you have plenty of stuff out there by selling leases of previously created work.  Best of luck with this endeavor.  Many people have tried and failed.  There are a lot of artists out there.  But a successful artist can make a very decent living, and you can supplement your income on the weekends with it.

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