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If you have that special skill as a musician and are well versed in the art and language of music, then you may be in luck. Musicianship work offers great weekend jobs for those in the know.

There are many ways to earn money through playing music.  What are these methods?  Well I’m glad you asked!

Musicianship Work – Concerts

A person could perform concerts of his or her own original music, or they could perform cover songs, which is an easy way to make a quick buck.  If you know of a band that has a great following but is either too old to tour or tours too expensively, you can emulate them and make a killing!  Or if you have original work you can slowly build a following if you are persistent and regular.  Play solo as a singer-songwriter or you can play in a band with your buddies.  Heck, the perfect gig for the weekend is a church gig!  You can play in a church band and get paid pretty well.

Musicianship Work – Studio Work

musicianship-workIf you can play well, you can go into the studio and play solos on other people’s records and make a commission and earn royalties.  Especially if you get a number one hit, you’ll be banking regularly from now on.  If you are a virtuoso, you can shred solos all day or cut your own record and sell it at your shows.  Another good idea is to play the top 40 songs or the classics in front of a video camera and start uploading those suckers to YouTube or any other video site that allows a revenue share in advertising.  People are making a lot of money doing that with minimal effort.

Musicianship Work – Transcribing

If you have perfect pitch or relative pitch, then you can make some money transcribing recordings.  Many bands can play, but can’t hear and transcribe by ear.  So they need someone to do it for them.  You can also transcribe records and sell them to publishing companies so they can sell tablature books.  Again, you can get paid upfront and then collect a royalty.  This is a good deal.  A good way to get into this is to show the mistakes of a company’s transcriber and send them in to make a good impression!

If you are a musician you can definitely find a weekend job performing, recording, or transcribing.  At least this way you’ll be having a blast while you do it!  You are bound to meet some interesting people while you are at it.

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