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Another big earner is lead generation, which can be quite the passive affair and still earn you a killing.  Many companies are happy to purchase targeted, or hot, leads from whomever.  It doesn’t matter who has them as long as they convert into sales for the buyer.  So what is the game here?  You have to figure out how to filter people out and only collect the information of interested consumers.

How the heck is this done?  You can’t possibly interview everyone or have them take a survey.  I’ve seen some clever tricks.  For instance, I once went to a healthy living expo and noticed this guy who purchased a booth and had built this wheel of fortune like device.

Lead Generation Ideas

You could spin this device and have a chance to win all kinds of goodies and coupons related to a specific niche.  It really wasn’t worth your time if you weren’t already interested.  The catch was you had to write down your name and email address before you could spin.  So say he spends an average of 50 cents per spinner giving them stickers and magnets and coffee cups.  But he can turn around and sell the lead for $1.50 each.  He’s making a dollar per spin!

That’s pretty slick because he managed to only get interested buyers.  If they are interested enough, they will convert at a higher rate and the buyer may be willing to pay even more per lead for future deals.

Another Idea for Lead Generation

Another one we’ve all seen is the little boxes by the brand new car parked in the middle of the mall.  “Just fill out your name, address, email, and phone number for a chance to win this car!”  Anyone who does that is a targeted lead for that car company or anything automotive related.  That person probably rented the car for $1000 for the weekend, and sells the leads for a couple bucks each.  After 500 people have put their information in the box, he broke even and it’s all profit from there out!

If you can think up even more clever ways of filtering out people and generating leads then you will be the king of lead generation and the most awesome weekend job.

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