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One of the hardest, but most lucrative weekend job ideas I’ve ever implemented was the lawn maintenance idea.  Lawn service is in high demand, especially in the summer.  Folks who can afford it don’t want to get out and take care of their estate.  They want to hire someone to weed eat and mow.  They don’t want to get out and pick up sticks and ride or push the mower for acres on end.

Summertime Lawn Maintenance

In the summer, you could find some clients in neighborhoods, or link up with some businesses.  I used to work for a crew and we’d hit all of the banks in town.  One summer I had begun to form my own business by doing lawn care for members of my church.  The catch was that their neighbors started noticing the good work I was doing in trimming their hedges and keeping the lawn clean and mowed.  One client turned into three as the neighbors wanted to keep up.  Three turned into ten.  Before I knew it, I had to turn offers down because I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it.

Wintertime Lawn Maintenance

In the winter, there is always other types of weekend work to do.  People want shrubs and woods cleared out.  This a great time to do bush hog work or cut down trees if you have a chainsaw.  You’ll be raking up leaves and pine straws and picking up dead sticks.  You’ll have weekend jobs for the entire winter for sure, if you can stand to do all of the physical labor involved!

If you have access to lawn care equipment, such as weed trimmers, chainsaws, mowers, and hedge trimmers, then you are ready to knock out some of the everyday yard work needed by the everyday neighborhood family.  These are great weekend jobs to consider for sure.  You can charge out the wazoo!  Just don’t charge by the hour.  Charge by the job.  Don’t let people take advantage of you!

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