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If you are tech savvy individual and already have a computer and internet connection, then you can consider trying internet marketing.  I’ve looked into this in the past, which is how I learned enough to create this site you are reading now.  I learned about all the options and quite a few people are having huge success to the point of becoming very wealthy doing this.

So what does internet marketing involve?  There are options.  You can develop and sell your own product for major profit.  You can allow others, who are called affiliates, sell your product for you for a sizeable commission.

They sell your $100 product and you give them 60% and you just sit back and make 40 bucks a sale all day long!  Or you can be an affiliate yourself if you can rank a website or optimize an advertising campaign well enough.

Internet Marketing – Rank and Bank

Another term I always heard was called “rank and bank.”  The idea is that you make a site that is worthwhile enough to be ranked in the search engines highly and they will send you free traffic.  A percentage of that traffic will view your ads and you get commissions on that as well.  This is a way to send traffic to the products you are selling for people as well.

Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization


Other ways of making money with internet marketing if you have the knowledge is to optimize other people’s sites for them for a fee.  People pay big money for this kind of service, especially if you can prove that you bring results.  So the best may be to start above with the rank and bank method and use that as proof for your abilities.

Internet Marketing is a clever way of making money for the younger of us who are technical enough and know their way around computers to pull this off.  It takes some coding and all kinds of specialized knowledge to do it right though, so don’t play if you can’t do it right.  The best thing is that there is a low barrier to entry.  You can get started with $20 really.  Think about it.  It’d make a solid weekend job if you can stick it out.

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