Door to Door Salesman

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Another idea is to join a salesmanship company that will allow you to sell their product, either as a door to door salesman or with cold-calling, which is similar.  The idea here is that you travel and literally walk up to someone’s door and try to convince them to purchase the product on the fly.  If you succeed, you get paid a commission on the product, which will be some percentage, possibly over 50% in some cases.

The classic case everyone talks about is going door to door and attempting to sell vacuum cleaners.  How do you pull this off?  How do you entice a complete stranger into purchasing something they probably don’t even need?  That’s something for you to learn and mostly grows out of experience and confidence.

Door to Door Salesman  - Learn the Craft

There are salesmanship books, lectures, and conferences you go to to help you learn how to do this.  They will teach you how to be assertive and how to close a sale.  The thing here is, if you are really good at this and can make many sales a day, you can make a killing on the weekends.  Really though, if you get that good, there’s no point in not doing this full time.  If you master this art, quit your regular job and take this weekend job into a full time endeavor.

I hope you can enjoy selling vacuums, Tupperware, carpet installations, life insurance, silly products like kitchen cleaners, and more.  There are so many items that people sell, and companies want this done so they can figure out which products are worth pushing on a much larger scale to distribution companies and stores.  They can figure out how much they need to budget to advertising, etc.  They are willing to spend gazillions of dollars, and if you can sell successfully, you’ll earn just as much.

Door to Door Salesman – Cold-calling

Cold-calling is similar but you just call people on the phone.  Hopefully you’d have some kind of leads, but most of the time it’s just running down the phonebook.  You have to be extra savvy here because you don’t have the benefit of using body language and reading the body language of your potential customer.  Have fun with this weekend job.  If you learn it well, go full time!

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