Dog Sitting and Walking

March 4th, 2013 by Shane Petersen Leave a reply »
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Dog Sitting and Walking Idea!

I was watching all the people that live by me with dogs one day and I wondered how much money these people would pay per day to have someone baby sit their dog?  Could you get paid for dog sitting just like you can dog walking?

Could you just set up a giant pen and let the dogs run around all day while you sit there and make sure they don’t hurt each other?  I got to thinking about it.

You could have a giant fan blowing on them, and you could have an artificial stream of clean water for them to drink from.  All you’d have to really do is pick up their poop every hour or so.  You may not even need to feed them if the   owners did that before and after dropping them off.

Easy Dog Sitting and Walking Job

If you did this at an apartment complex itself they wouldn’t really have to travel somewhere before work, I bet people would pay $5 a day or more.  With ten dogs, you could make an easy $50 or $100 a day, depending on what you charge.  You could make even more with more dogs.  People would drop off their dogs and let them play on your dog exercise equipment and all that.

Dog sitting and walking could be a big winner if you have some funds and land up front to spend on a nice pen.  This would make an easy weekend job that could lead to a full time easy weekday job.  Think about it!

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