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If you are a handy man, you have some nice options ahead of you for some good weekend work.  If you know somebody, or can just go join one, a construction job team would be more than happy to take on another good, efficient worker.

If you are comfortable with pneumatic tools, electric power tools, and other manly stuff, then get ready to swing an extra $15 to $20 bucks an hour to pound a hammer and stretch a tape measure.

Construction Job – What are the Options?

So what are some of the options for construction work?  You can help lay the foundations to homes, hotels, or whatever kind of structure is being constructed.

You can help put the frame together, which is pretty interesting work.  Some teams use prefabricated metal frames with insulation already built in.  But more still go old school and knock together a wood frame.

You may find yourself doing plumbing, although that game has changed recently too with the new flexible piping that is super easy to install.  Not having to install a ton of 90 degree angles every four feet is a blessing.

Good Money with a Construction Job

Other things you can do is lay down the tile or lay carpet for the flooring once the building is done.  Or once it’s complete you can help do the masonry of the outside or you can help put the chimney together.

Other less fun work is putting on the finishing touches on the inside, doing trim work, laying hardwood flooring, framing out doorways, installing windows, etc.  But who really cares when it all pays good weekend money.

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