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March 4th, 2013 by Shane Petersen Leave a reply »
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This is another weekend job idea for you folks out there who are slick with recent technology.

There is still a generation of older folks out there who aren’t real comfortable with all this digital technology.

If you are, then you can definitely make some easy weekend money by doing computer repair.

Computer Repair is a Specialized Skill

Computer repair isn’t a real difficult or taxing task, but it does require specialized knowledge.  And specialized knowledge can command quite an income.  You can charge a good price per job rather than by hour, and if you are good you can knock out several of these jobs at once.  If you hook up four or five computers around a table or the living room floor, you can have several concurrent jobs going at once.

People who are not tech savvy don’t really even know when they have a difficult problem or one that has an easy solution.  This doesn’t mean you are ripping people off, it just means that you have a specialized knowledge and skill to get the job fixed.  And it’s easier to spend $100 than another $1,000 to buy a whole new computer.

Repairing Computers is Easy

If you can install RAM or hard drives, or if you can wipe and reformat a hard drive and reinstall software, then already thats enough to get some repair jobs.  And if you can remove viruses and spyware, even using free software, then you can really get a lot of jobs in, as Windows gets infected constantly.  Easy to do and easy to make some money doing it even as just weekend work.

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