Competitive Card Games

March 4th, 2013 by Shane Petersen Leave a reply »
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I had a friend who was not an immature or unintelligent guy.  For this reason I couldn’t understand why he was always playing that Pokemon card game and spending his money on rare cards and the like.  I knew these were powerful cards, with great stats, and I just figured he wanted to be the top player.  And I was correct.  He wanted to be the king of the competitive card games.

Competitive Card Games – Why?

But why did he want to win so bad?  I asked him about this.  Why was he traveling across the state and even to other states to play in these tournaments?

Because, he explained, you can win money, more cards the better your chances of winning in the future, and because you can even win college scholarships and grants.

What the heck was he on about?  For real?  He told me that he was winning some decent money.  He’d go to the mall and go to those center booths that had all the cards on display.  He’d look around and see other games that he could potentially get into, and he did.

Other Competitive Card Games

He eventually started also playing Magic: The Gathering and all the little expansion packs that came with it.  He didn’t care at this point.  Whatever game had a big enough following to host tournaments, he would play.  I think he even started playing the games with the figurines you buy and paint.

So here is another weekend job that is more of a hobby than a job, and you can actually stand to make some money if you get a good deck of cards and can develop the skills to pay the bills.  Try it if this is your cup of tea.

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