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Another idea I used to entertain and actually pulled off was collecting cans.  I never did it in a big way that made any real money, but myself, my brother, and my friend would get enough together over a long enough amount of time that we could all go hit the Chinese buffet!  Collecting cans can be active or passive income, depending on how much effort you have to put into it.

Passive Ideas on Collecting Cans

Here is one way we tried to pull it off.  As youngsters we’d go from house to house and ask all of the families to save their cans for us and we’d go pick them up once a month.  This amounted in quite a bit of cans!  This is pretty passive except for the once a month you have to collect the cans and then take them to the recycling center.

Another passive way is to simply collect cans as you drink from them.  This takes a long time to amount to any money, but combined with the other methods it is a pretty nice bonus.  The only problem is you are talking about months to collect one huge garbage bag full of crushed cans.  Definitely use this method as you pursue the active ideas on collecting cans below.

Active Ideas on Collecting Cans

The most active way of collecting cans that I ever did was go find a backwoods neighborhood along some back road and just walk it.  If it had a ditch along it, that was even better.  People just tossed out soda and beer cans out into the ditch along the whole way.  You could fill up bags and bags every weekend and they’d just reload it for you along the week.  Bring some gloves and clothes you don’t mind getting sticky in, because these cans will leak all over you.  There will be bugs and all kinds of stuff.  Be careful.  Perhaps you’ll bring something to stab or pick up the cans so you don’t have to keep bending over.  This is one of the easier of the weekend jobs, because you can take a music player and enjoy yourself as you go.

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