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Teach Preschool

September 15th, 2013
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Another great stay-at-home-mom money-making idea is to teach preschool from your home. I taught elementary school for several years and love working with kids. This can be a great way to bring in some additional income. Preschools typically meet two or three times per week for about two hours. That means you would work about four to six hours per week, plus prep time. You can usually make a pretty good rate per hour, depending on how many kids you teach.

Kids looking at a ship with a sailorThere are so many resources available online to help develop your curriculum. Many moms and teachers post their own worksheets, games and ideas. When I was teaching preschool I loved using they have TONS of awesome lesson plans, worksheets, crafts and anything else that you might need.

Before you begin teaching you need to create a plan (scope and sequence) of what you are going to teach and your goals for the children. Preschool can be quite fun and easy to plan. Follow the alphabet, one letter per week, add in shapes, colors, numbers, Holidays and arts & crafts. Preschool should be fun! Do your research, be prepared and have fun with the kids.

If you have a lot of experience with kids, teaching or even fun ideas you have done with your own kids you could create a blog or website. Rather than working hands-on with the kids you would post your ideas and expertise.

Envelope Budgeting System

August 27th, 2013
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This is a great budget system for anyone with a tight budget or anyone trying to cut back on spending that needs help being more disciplined. When I was in college I had a very tight budget, in fact, I’m surprised I managed to buy food at all. I love this system, I used it throughout college. I worked at least two jobs throughout the summer to earn enough money to provide for myself, because some semesters I could find a small part time job and others I couldn’t find anything. This system helped me stretch my summer earnings throughout the entire year.


Here are the details for the envelope budgeting system:


Envelope Budgeting System

First, figure out your pay period (monthly, weekly etc). For your pay period list your expenses. If you don’t know the exact amount of your expenses I would suggest tracking EVERYTHING you spend money on for at least TWO pay periods. Three is better if you have the time. Average out how much you spent in each area and evaluate if your spending is realistic. Realistic budgeting means that you are spending money on things that are most important first, followed by the ability to pay down your debt and save and above all that your spending stays within your limits (income).


Once you know your pay period, your budget categories and how much you are realistically spending in each area, you are ready to start.


Here is an example of what you should know at this point:

Pay period- monthly

  • Rent- $800
  • Utilities-$100
  • Phone/internet/cable-$150
  • Car insurance- $100
  • Gas/transportation-$200
  • Groceries-$150
  • Entertainment/eating out-$50
  • Misc-$100


Using this example, let’s walk through the rest of the steps: First, think through which bills are consistant, that is, the amount never changes. In this examle that would probably be rent, phone/internet/cable, and insurance. I would lump utilities into this category as well, even though it may vary from month to month. Figure out what a high monthly utilitiy cost is and use that for your budget amount (on the months it is less you’ll have extra money to save). These are bills that you can set up automatically; so, you won’t use an envelope for them.


The remaining expenses are typically where people overspend and get into trouble. This is when the envelope system can be a great tool! For this example you would need four white envelopes, one for each remaning category: gas/transportation, groceries, entertainment/eat out and misc. Label each envelope with the category and the amount needed. Each time you get paid, monthly in this example, you fill the envelope with the correct amount of cash. So “gas” would have $200, “groceries” $150 and so on. Here is the trick, you can now physically see how much you are spending and how much you have left. When the money is gone YOU ARE DONE SPENDING.


This will help develop discipline. You now always know how much money you have left. Instead of charging your card and finding a surprise at the end of the month that you overspent by $200, now your cash will run out and your spending is over until the next payday. This system also requires that you budget out how much you would need for an upcoming pay period. If you did have a set amount for an entire month for groceries or gas you would have to pay attention, or the last week of the month you may find yourself walking to work and eating mac and cheese for every meal. If you are worried about this happening, figure out how much you need for just one week instead of an entire month and refill your envelopes once per week.


As you continue to use the system you will gain greater control over your spending and have money left over that should be put toward emergency savings, paying off debt or investments.

Car Radio Installation

March 4th, 2013
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At the same place me and my buddy worked at where we dreamed up all of these ideas, there was another guy who had his own little side business in the hood.

He’d go hang out at car washes and repair shops and network and meet people and he got a reputation for being able to do two things.

Installing Car Radios

He would install car radios and he would tint windows.  To me, I’m a technical person, so it’s not hard for me to figure out how to install a car radio.

But most people can’t even set the time on their VCR, let alone do electrical work.  So they pay someone else to do it.  And he was the go-to man!

Most of the time as well they’d get him to tint their windows.  He’s squeegee it on there and cut it to form and be done!

Install a Radio in a Car


He’d get about $100 bucks to install a radio and tint some windows and I think he could do it all in an hour.  Pretty slick weekend job to me!

Of course it got a little more technical when he was asked to install speakers and subwoofers but not much more.

For a guy like him, he could do it without thinking.  So if you have a specialized skill, exploit it and make some easy money on the weekend!

Helping on a Farm

March 4th, 2013
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Farmers are in constant need of help.  There are lots of tasks that can be automated now by machinery, but there are some that just have to be done by a person.

Especially if it’s a local farmer and not some giant corporate affair, then they will need help and will probably be very glad to hire you.

Mowing fields, milking cows, feeding horses, planting crops, harvesting crops, separating fruits from trees and plants, shaving sheep, baling hay, etc.

Help Out With Farming

The list goes on and on.  There is so much work to be done on a farm and so few daylight hours.

I had a friend whose girlfriend’s father passed away and he owned a farm.  That was the family’s living and earnings.  So he moved in with them and began tending the farm.  He was so tired.

But he got in pretty good shape!  He would wake up very early to milk and feed the cows.

He would feed the chickens and collect eggs.  Then he’d come to work with the rest of us and continue to work his tail off.  What a life!

Farmers Need Help!

After that, he’d hurry back home so he could do other farm tasks that needed to be done.  I’m not very knowledgeable nor do I have a lot to say about this kind of work.

I just know there is a lot of it to be done and I’ve known a lot of people who’ve made some good weekend money and eased their burdens doing this kind of work.  Think about it!  It’s hard work but good for the soul.

Training Hunting Dogs

March 4th, 2013
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Back when I was younger, a man from the church hired my brother and I for a random job helping train his dogs how to hunt properly.  What a crazy experience.  I suppose there are lots of people who want this kind of help and don’t want to get all nasty while doing it.  Allow me to explain training hunting dogs.

My brother and I would dress in the warmest clothes we could, and try to find waterproof gloves, because this stuff got so nasty.  We would then take these pistols and load blanks in them.  When we’d shoot them, they’d still make a bang and the dogs wouldn’t know the difference.

How Do You Train Hunting Dogs?

So what we’d do is take real, but dead, ducks and geese and pheasants, and we’d shoot the pistols in the air to make the pop sound.  The dogs would look up, and we’d throw the birds as high and as far as we could to a certain area.  Of course we were hidden behind these little camouflaged tents so the dogs couldn’t see us.  They just thought we shot a bird out of the sky.

We developed a method that made throwing the birds a lot easier as well.  We’d fold their wings back and launch them underhanded like that.  This made it so they didn’t tumble in the air, but their wings actually spread out and it looked like they were flying and crashed.

Training the Dogs to Hunt

But the point is that the dogs are supposed to run in a straight line to the birds.  They were to go through water, thorns, etc.  No turning and taking shortcuts.  I don’t know why it mattered so much.  Who cares as long as they bring back the bird.

But these dogs also had shock collars on, so the hunters could shock the dogs if they didn’t go in a straight line.  I always felt bad for the birds and dogs, so once I shocked myself in the neck with the collar.  Bad idea.  I don’t know how the dogs could take it.  It was to the point where they seemed to ignore the shock, but it hurt very badly.

Anyways, if you can find someone looking for this kind of help and you don’t mind getting slobbery, bloody and wet, then this is decent weekend work for you.  I got paid okay money for essentially sitting there.  But I had no entertainment either.  Pretty boring stuff, but decent money.

Cooking Ideas

March 4th, 2013
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The same buddy I keep mentioning who helped me think up all of these ideas was at one time a cook, and actually is right now.

He makes some good money as a cook.  They work very hard for their earnings, but it’s decent money.

I’ve known cooks for their own restaurants who really made good money, and like my buddy, he is a cook for a franchise chain and makes decent money still.


If you have a skill in cooking and can manage a lot of details very quickly without making a lot of mistakes, you may have a career in cooking, or at least make some good weekend money.

Just remember, cooks work so hard for their money.  Please be kind and remember to tip and be thankful for your delicious food they prepare!

Other Cooking Ideas

You can cook for a restaurant, or even be a server.  I had a friend in college who only served on the weekends in an upscale Japanese restaurant and would easily bring in two hundred dollars a night, three nights in a row on the weekend.  It was ridiculous how much money he made working 24 hours a week.

You could also open up your own bakery or  cupcake shop.

We know a woman who owns a cupcake shop. She opens whenever she wants to and just posts the hours on the Facebook page.  It’s incredible.  I’m sure she works hard baking all of those cupcakes, but she essentially works whenever she wants.

Additional Cooking Ideas

If you are really a good cook, you can do gourmet cooking at an upscale restaurant.  You can cater weddings and events.  You can teach cooking.  You can write cookbooks.

You can start a cooking blog. I have a friend that started a recipe blog with her sisters. In just a few years it became pretty popular. They have been on TV, host cooking demos and have even published their own cookbook.

You can sell cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc.  I have two friends that sell birthday/wedding cakes out of their homes. They sell mostly to family and friends, but it makes some nice extra income.

There are so many cooking ideas that you can run with that can make you some nice money at the end of the week.

Affiliate Marketing

March 4th, 2013
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This one, affiliate marketing, is very much related to the internet marketing idea, because it requires a lot of the same activities, principles, and knowledge.  I won’t repeat all of that here.

Please go read that page if this one sounds appealing to you.  This is largely internet based.  So here is how it functions.

Some people develop products, software, etc., and don’t want to go through the trouble of marketing it themselves.   They’d rather pay someone else a percentage of their sales to do it.

That is where you come in!  If you make a sale, you get a commission, often up to 60% of the sale.  So if you sell a $100 digital product, you don’t even have to ship anything.  They just download it and you make $60 bucks quick and easy.

The Details of Affiliate Marketing

So what more is there to it?  You need to be able to create websites and get them ranked in the search engines and funnel the traffic to the sales page of the vendor.

This is the sales funnel and is very interesting for a dork like me.  It’s a numbers game.

Another way of accomplishing this is to pay money to display ads where you send people directly to the landing page of the vendor.  Here you have to optimize campaigns so you spend less money advertising than you make on the sales so you can turn a profit.

Art and Science of Affiliate Marketing


There is a huge science to all of this, and an art.  You have to tweak your website, build an email list, tweak landing pages, and tweak your creative and advertisements so you can squeeze as much profit out of it as possible.

This is not an easy endeavor and it takes some smarts.  But once you get it set up its generally pretty passive and hands free money.  But it will take a lot of upfront work for no money.  Be patient if you do it and you will make weekend income and weekday income as well!

Multi-Level Marketing

March 4th, 2013
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When I was growing up, I always had to sit around the house while my parents went on their Wednesday recruitment nights.  I also remember on Thursday evenings I’d go sit in the van for hours while my parents went to their meetings and distributed supplies and what not.

I never thought about what it was they were doing.  I just went along for the ride.  I was young and didn’t care.  I just wanted to listen to music and read comics in the car while waiting.

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

So what was it they were doing?  They were involved in something that is in general called multi-level marketing, but more specifically the one they were doing was called Amway.  But what are these programs and how do they work?  I shall explain.

Multi-Level marketing (MLM) means just that.  It means that there are levels, or tiers involved.  There are levels of earnings, and there are levels of affiliates.  So here is an example.  Say I join an MLM company.  I then go out and recruit members.  (Now I’m about to start making up numbers, so don’t think they are accurate.  They change with each program.)

Say for all of the sales I do, I get 50% of it.  But for everyone I recruit one level below me, I get 10% of their sales.  If they go out and recruit people, I get 5% of those people’s sales.   Below that I get 2.5% of the third level’s sales.  Say everyone does $1000 in sales one month of some software or jewelry or something.

MLM Math

For my own sales, I will keep $500 of it.  For my tier 1, I will keep $100.  For my tier 2, I will keep $50, and for my tier 3, I will keep $25.  So total that month I will make $675.  That is with myself and three people below me all in lowering levels.  But what if I get 10 people in my tier 1, who all get 10 people below them, and then 10 more below them?  Now we are talking about some serious cash.

Turned out my parents were raking in an extra $30,000 a year doing this.  They were also busting their butts on it, but once it’s set up and rolling, it’s a pretty passive endeavor.  The thing with MLM is that those who get in early make the most money, because most everyone has to sign up below someone else.  So most of the earnings end up trickling uphill to the early adopters.

What a cool system.  This is something you could do purely on the weekend and make some good extra money!

Junk Removal

March 4th, 2013
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If you’ve been watching TV, then you’ve probably encountered the show “Shark Tank” which is apparently an American remake of a Canadian show “Dragon’s Den.”  Anyway, if you’ve seen that then you’ve probably seen the many people who’ve created a junk removal business.

They hire underlings and have them do all the work and try to set up locations in every big city.  But you don’t have to do that.  Here is an idea to create a weekend job in your own city passively.

Junk Removal Business Plan

So my thoughts are that the first thing I’d do is get a junked up pick up truck that you don’t mind getting dirty, dented, and scratched.  You probably already have one or access to one.  I’d go to Lowes or Home Depot and I’d buy some sticker letters, or if you are really ambitious you could get a small vinyl wrap for the truck door and back tail gate.  I’d create a company name and then put a phone number on it.  As you drive around passively, people will see this and hopefully need your help.

You can also create business cards and leave them at places like gas stations, the gym, bookstores, etc.  Anywhere people will let you place the cards.  You can also create signs to stick in the ground on busy street corners or right off the interstate with your information.

Junk Removal Work

So what does this job actually entail?  We haven’t mentioned that yet.  What you actually end up doing is loading and unloading people’s junk.  This can mean boxes of crap like clothes, toys, etc.  Or it could be heavy appliances that don’t work any more.  So be able to lift heavy things and be careful as well.  Understand the principles of proper lifting technique so you don’t get injured.

Another thought is to look around where you work. Is your company throwing away things that could be recycled. My brother-in-law took scrap steel that his company was disposing of and recycled it.  He ended up making several thousand dollars in just a few weeks, that is until his company decided to start recycling it themselves. Just make sure your company doesn’t have a problem with you taking it.

Here is a great catch too.  If you get good at junk removal, then you can just as easily offer moving services as well and help move furniture and refrigerators and all that stuff.  This is not easy work, but it’s not work that takes any special skill, so anyone can do it without college and specialized knowledge.  Give it a shot if you are up for some exercise!

Automobile Repair

March 4th, 2013
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One of my buddies (actually, the guy I’ve been talking about that I worked with for several years as we came up with all of these ideas!) has decided that he wants to go get a certificate that shows he is a professional in automobile repair.

The key is, even though this is a somewhat regulated field and it requires accreditation, if you have the skill without the paperwork proof, most people won’t really care.  You don’t have to open up a shop.  You can just as easily take weekend work in your own garage at your home.

Automobile Repair Certification

My friend is making quite the sacrifice to gain the knowledge and experience that proves he is proficient at repairing automobiles.  He is actually going to move to a different state, take out a loan, and work his butt off to learn all he needs to know.  I don’t think he intends to open up his own shop at first.  He simply wants to join an already established shop just to increase his base income.  This is something you can do and approach as a real career and not just weekend work.

But if you have the knowledge; as so many of us do having grown up with dad’s who taught us or you took it on as a hobby, then by all means start helping out family and friends and tell them to refer people to you.  You can do it in your own home, especially if you can tow their cars to you if needed.  But most of the cars probably remain drivable and can be brought to you more easily.

Automobile Repair Business Plan

Here is what I’m thinking: Get some business cards set up that have a link to your phone number, email, and possibly a website if you can pull that off.  Then start helping out your friends and your family.  Give them copies of your card and have them pass them out to their own acquaintances who mention they need car repair in passing.  They may or may not contact you, but a certain percentage will definitely convert into customers.

At this point you can start getting some regular customers.  Automobile repair is a specialized skill.  You can charge a decent fee for such a service and stand to make some very good weekend money.