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Online cash earning ideas

November 7th, 2013
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A sneek peak into the most reliable ways of earning online cash

With the increase of debt obligations in the nation a lot of people are planning on ditching their corporate cubicles in order to make money online. But what are reliable ways of earning income online? Affiliate marketing is certainly a hard model to crack; but  there are other ways to earn cash online  and make ends meet . With the advancement of the internet, more and more people are turning to options where they can make money online  and establish a steady source of income in order to make ends meet. If you’re confused about the ways in which you can make money, you’ve come to the right spot.  Well, let’s find out the plethora of options when it comes to making money online.

  • make money quicklySell off unused stuff to local stores or online: There are hundreds of local and chain stores, which purchase products from the consumers at reduced rate and resell them to different stores/customers. Alternatively, you can put it a little extra work and earn a bit more by selling your items yourself online (ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc). You can look around in your home to locate things that you don’t need or that you don’t want. If you consider yourself to be an avid reader and you own a library of your own, you can certainly sell off some old books which are in good condition. If you also have a CD library, you can even sell off your old CD’s with the cases intact.  In case you were a gamer who possessed a number of video/board/card games, you can still be hopeful! For more info on selling your stuff on ebay, be sure to check out our post about taking items from Yard Sales (if you don’t have your own stuff to sell) to selling items on ebay.
  • Rent some of the unused space in your home: Do you ever think that the space in your home is just too large for a family of three? If so, why not look for some tenants and rent the space out? If you have an empty basement, spare bedroom or even a parking lot (and your house is located on a busy street), you can consider renting it out. Because you’re in charge of the rent agreement, you can cancel it whenever you would like. If you rent a portion of your house, ensure writing a lease and assemble all the paperwork. Of course, renting your space isn’t a way to make money online, but you’ll certainly benefit greatly by marketing and advertising the space online on Craigslist, or
  •  If you love photography, try stock photos:  You might be asking, “What are stock photos?” Well, these are non-descriptive images that people might use writing articles or designing brochures or even crafting presentations. If you have a good quality camera and possess the power to edit pictures, you can sell them off to different websites as well as build a collection of your own. Some websites include, and Tip: Photos with people almost always sell better than photos without people.
  • Be an affiliate marketer: Last, but not least, you can become an affiliate marketer as this is one of the best ways you can earn money online. Basically, you earn by promoting a product or a service of another merchant company. This doesn’t require designing your own product or service in order to earn money because everything will be ready for you. You just have to take some internet marketing steps through which you can promote the product of that company and increase the number of leads for them. Money making affiliate market is certainly one of the best kept secrets for making online cash.

Affiliate programs aren’t always a get rich plan but this certainly provides an opportunity to make a steady source of income in the near future. Follow any of the above mentioned tips to generate online cash and run a steady source of cash flow.

Affiliate Marketing

March 4th, 2013
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This one, affiliate marketing, is very much related to the internet marketing idea, because it requires a lot of the same activities, principles, and knowledge.  I won’t repeat all of that here.

Please go read that page if this one sounds appealing to you.  This is largely internet based.  So here is how it functions.

Some people develop products, software, etc., and don’t want to go through the trouble of marketing it themselves.   They’d rather pay someone else a percentage of their sales to do it.

That is where you come in!  If you make a sale, you get a commission, often up to 60% of the sale.  So if you sell a $100 digital product, you don’t even have to ship anything.  They just download it and you make $60 bucks quick and easy.

The Details of Affiliate Marketing

So what more is there to it?  You need to be able to create websites and get them ranked in the search engines and funnel the traffic to the sales page of the vendor.

This is the sales funnel and is very interesting for a dork like me.  It’s a numbers game.

Another way of accomplishing this is to pay money to display ads where you send people directly to the landing page of the vendor.  Here you have to optimize campaigns so you spend less money advertising than you make on the sales so you can turn a profit.

Art and Science of Affiliate Marketing


There is a huge science to all of this, and an art.  You have to tweak your website, build an email list, tweak landing pages, and tweak your creative and advertisements so you can squeeze as much profit out of it as possible.

This is not an easy endeavor and it takes some smarts.  But once you get it set up its generally pretty passive and hands free money.  But it will take a lot of upfront work for no money.  Be patient if you do it and you will make weekend income and weekday income as well!

Multi-Level Marketing

March 4th, 2013
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When I was growing up, I always had to sit around the house while my parents went on their Wednesday recruitment nights.  I also remember on Thursday evenings I’d go sit in the van for hours while my parents went to their meetings and distributed supplies and what not.

I never thought about what it was they were doing.  I just went along for the ride.  I was young and didn’t care.  I just wanted to listen to music and read comics in the car while waiting.

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

So what was it they were doing?  They were involved in something that is in general called multi-level marketing, but more specifically the one they were doing was called Amway.  But what are these programs and how do they work?  I shall explain.

Multi-Level marketing (MLM) means just that.  It means that there are levels, or tiers involved.  There are levels of earnings, and there are levels of affiliates.  So here is an example.  Say I join an MLM company.  I then go out and recruit members.  (Now I’m about to start making up numbers, so don’t think they are accurate.  They change with each program.)

Say for all of the sales I do, I get 50% of it.  But for everyone I recruit one level below me, I get 10% of their sales.  If they go out and recruit people, I get 5% of those people’s sales.   Below that I get 2.5% of the third level’s sales.  Say everyone does $1000 in sales one month of some software or jewelry or something.

MLM Math

For my own sales, I will keep $500 of it.  For my tier 1, I will keep $100.  For my tier 2, I will keep $50, and for my tier 3, I will keep $25.  So total that month I will make $675.  That is with myself and three people below me all in lowering levels.  But what if I get 10 people in my tier 1, who all get 10 people below them, and then 10 more below them?  Now we are talking about some serious cash.

Turned out my parents were raking in an extra $30,000 a year doing this.  They were also busting their butts on it, but once it’s set up and rolling, it’s a pretty passive endeavor.  The thing with MLM is that those who get in early make the most money, because most everyone has to sign up below someone else.  So most of the earnings end up trickling uphill to the early adopters.

What a cool system.  This is something you could do purely on the weekend and make some good extra money!

Internet Marketing

March 4th, 2013
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If you are tech savvy individual and already have a computer and internet connection, then you can consider trying internet marketing.  I’ve looked into this in the past, which is how I learned enough to create this site you are reading now.  I learned about all the options and quite a few people are having huge success to the point of becoming very wealthy doing this.

So what does internet marketing involve?  There are options.  You can develop and sell your own product for major profit.  You can allow others, who are called affiliates, sell your product for you for a sizeable commission.

They sell your $100 product and you give them 60% and you just sit back and make 40 bucks a sale all day long!  Or you can be an affiliate yourself if you can rank a website or optimize an advertising campaign well enough.

Internet Marketing – Rank and Bank

Another term I always heard was called “rank and bank.”  The idea is that you make a site that is worthwhile enough to be ranked in the search engines highly and they will send you free traffic.  A percentage of that traffic will view your ads and you get commissions on that as well.  This is a way to send traffic to the products you are selling for people as well.

Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization


Other ways of making money with internet marketing if you have the knowledge is to optimize other people’s sites for them for a fee.  People pay big money for this kind of service, especially if you can prove that you bring results.  So the best may be to start above with the rank and bank method and use that as proof for your abilities.

Internet Marketing is a clever way of making money for the younger of us who are technical enough and know their way around computers to pull this off.  It takes some coding and all kinds of specialized knowledge to do it right though, so don’t play if you can’t do it right.  The best thing is that there is a low barrier to entry.  You can get started with $20 really.  Think about it.  It’d make a solid weekend job if you can stick it out.


March 4th, 2013
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If you need some extra money and have free time on the weekends and you have a skill with words, then you could consider one of the many types of writing possible to generate some extra income.

Among these are writing novels, poetry, magazine columns and articles, ghost writing, and guest blogging or blogging for yourself.

Writing – Novels, Poetry, Articles, Ghost Writing

Many people earn a regular living while writing, so why can’t you earn some extra money while writing as a weekend job?  You can do one of the things I’m doing.  I’m currently writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel.  I’m not doing it to earn money, but it very well might be a winner.  If you want to earn money writing novels, get into a niche that has a lot of readership, such as young adult fiction or romance novels.

You can also explore the idea of writing poetry.  It’s not a very lucrative idea, but if you can lease your poems to greeting cards, poetry anthologies, etc., you could earn some money like that.  Poetry is really something you do for the act of doing it, not for money.  Money may come if your passion shines through, though.

Another way people earn money is by writing columns and articles in newspapers and magazines.  You might be lucky enough to get one of those opinion columns, or you might get a question and answer column.  If you have journalistic tendencies, you might be able to write articles about certain topics of your own interest, or a magazine might hire you to do specific topics.

People pay a lot of money to have these things done for them, where they can pretend that it is them who did the work.  The true author is a ghost writer, meaning they are writing materials and allowing others to claim the work as their own.  Many celebrities and rich folk have books ghost written for them.  It’s a silly thing but it happens all of the time.  You could do this if you can make the connections.

Writing – Blogging and Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very similar to writing articles and columns for newspapers and magazines, but it’s done online on a website.  It may be a newspaper’s or magazine’s website, or just another blogger’s site.  What’s cool about this is you can usually get a link back to your own site from doing this, which can boost your own blog.  If you can get a popular blog that ranks highly on search engines, you’ll get a lot of traffic through your blog.  If you have advertisements or sell an e-book or a regular book, you might get some sales or advertising revenue in your own blog.

Writing can be a lucrative business.  If you are only doing it as a weekend job, then I’d probably go for a website.  I’d build my own while still guest blogging to get links and traffic back to my own site.  Good luck with this one.  I can’t imagine it’d be super easy.

Musicianship Work

March 4th, 2013
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If you have that special skill as a musician and are well versed in the art and language of music, then you may be in luck. Musicianship work offers great weekend jobs for those in the know.

There are many ways to earn money through playing music.  What are these methods?  Well I’m glad you asked!

Musicianship Work – Concerts

A person could perform concerts of his or her own original music, or they could perform cover songs, which is an easy way to make a quick buck.  If you know of a band that has a great following but is either too old to tour or tours too expensively, you can emulate them and make a killing!  Or if you have original work you can slowly build a following if you are persistent and regular.  Play solo as a singer-songwriter or you can play in a band with your buddies.  Heck, the perfect gig for the weekend is a church gig!  You can play in a church band and get paid pretty well.

Musicianship Work – Studio Work

musicianship-workIf you can play well, you can go into the studio and play solos on other people’s records and make a commission and earn royalties.  Especially if you get a number one hit, you’ll be banking regularly from now on.  If you are a virtuoso, you can shred solos all day or cut your own record and sell it at your shows.  Another good idea is to play the top 40 songs or the classics in front of a video camera and start uploading those suckers to YouTube or any other video site that allows a revenue share in advertising.  People are making a lot of money doing that with minimal effort.

Musicianship Work – Transcribing

If you have perfect pitch or relative pitch, then you can make some money transcribing recordings.  Many bands can play, but can’t hear and transcribe by ear.  So they need someone to do it for them.  You can also transcribe records and sell them to publishing companies so they can sell tablature books.  Again, you can get paid upfront and then collect a royalty.  This is a good deal.  A good way to get into this is to show the mistakes of a company’s transcriber and send them in to make a good impression!

If you are a musician you can definitely find a weekend job performing, recording, or transcribing.  At least this way you’ll be having a blast while you do it!  You are bound to meet some interesting people while you are at it.

Collecting Cans

March 4th, 2013
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Another idea I used to entertain and actually pulled off was collecting cans.  I never did it in a big way that made any real money, but myself, my brother, and my friend would get enough together over a long enough amount of time that we could all go hit the Chinese buffet!  Collecting cans can be active or passive income, depending on how much effort you have to put into it.

Passive Ideas on Collecting Cans

Here is one way we tried to pull it off.  As youngsters we’d go from house to house and ask all of the families to save their cans for us and we’d go pick them up once a month.  This amounted in quite a bit of cans!  This is pretty passive except for the once a month you have to collect the cans and then take them to the recycling center.

Another passive way is to simply collect cans as you drink from them.  This takes a long time to amount to any money, but combined with the other methods it is a pretty nice bonus.  The only problem is you are talking about months to collect one huge garbage bag full of crushed cans.  Definitely use this method as you pursue the active ideas on collecting cans below.

Active Ideas on Collecting Cans

The most active way of collecting cans that I ever did was go find a backwoods neighborhood along some back road and just walk it.  If it had a ditch along it, that was even better.  People just tossed out soda and beer cans out into the ditch along the whole way.  You could fill up bags and bags every weekend and they’d just reload it for you along the week.  Bring some gloves and clothes you don’t mind getting sticky in, because these cans will leak all over you.  There will be bugs and all kinds of stuff.  Be careful.  Perhaps you’ll bring something to stab or pick up the cans so you don’t have to keep bending over.  This is one of the easier of the weekend jobs, because you can take a music player and enjoy yourself as you go.