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Online cash earning ideas

November 7th, 2013
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A sneek peak into the most reliable ways of earning online cash

With the increase of debt obligations in the nation a lot of people are planning on ditching their corporate cubicles in order to make money online. But what are reliable ways of earning income online? Affiliate marketing is certainly a hard model to crack; but  there are other ways to earn cash online  and make ends meet . With the advancement of the internet, more and more people are turning to options where they can make money online  and establish a steady source of income in order to make ends meet. If you’re confused about the ways in which you can make money, you’ve come to the right spot.  Well, let’s find out the plethora of options when it comes to making money online.

  • make money quicklySell off unused stuff to local stores or online: There are hundreds of local and chain stores, which purchase products from the consumers at reduced rate and resell them to different stores/customers. Alternatively, you can put it a little extra work and earn a bit more by selling your items yourself online (ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc). You can look around in your home to locate things that you don’t need or that you don’t want. If you consider yourself to be an avid reader and you own a library of your own, you can certainly sell off some old books which are in good condition. If you also have a CD library, you can even sell off your old CD’s with the cases intact.  In case you were a gamer who possessed a number of video/board/card games, you can still be hopeful! For more info on selling your stuff on ebay, be sure to check out our post about taking items from Yard Sales (if you don’t have your own stuff to sell) to selling items on ebay.
  • Rent some of the unused space in your home: Do you ever think that the space in your home is just too large for a family of three? If so, why not look for some tenants and rent the space out? If you have an empty basement, spare bedroom or even a parking lot (and your house is located on a busy street), you can consider renting it out. Because you’re in charge of the rent agreement, you can cancel it whenever you would like. If you rent a portion of your house, ensure writing a lease and assemble all the paperwork. Of course, renting your space isn’t a way to make money online, but you’ll certainly benefit greatly by marketing and advertising the space online on Craigslist, or
  •  If you love photography, try stock photos:  You might be asking, “What are stock photos?” Well, these are non-descriptive images that people might use writing articles or designing brochures or even crafting presentations. If you have a good quality camera and possess the power to edit pictures, you can sell them off to different websites as well as build a collection of your own. Some websites include, and Tip: Photos with people almost always sell better than photos without people.
  • Be an affiliate marketer: Last, but not least, you can become an affiliate marketer as this is one of the best ways you can earn money online. Basically, you earn by promoting a product or a service of another merchant company. This doesn’t require designing your own product or service in order to earn money because everything will be ready for you. You just have to take some internet marketing steps through which you can promote the product of that company and increase the number of leads for them. Money making affiliate market is certainly one of the best kept secrets for making online cash.

Affiliate programs aren’t always a get rich plan but this certainly provides an opportunity to make a steady source of income in the near future. Follow any of the above mentioned tips to generate online cash and run a steady source of cash flow.

Child Care

August 15th, 2013
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Short Term Child Care: Baby Sitting

If you need money quickly short term child care is a great way to go. Friends, family or neighbors with young children are usually very happy to get a night out alone. You can typically make, depending on where you live, $2 to $5 per child per hour. That means if you watch three extra kids on a Friday evening at a modest $3 an hour per child, for five hours, you could bring in an extra $45. Not bad for a Friday night playing hide and go seek, watching Dora, the Explorer topped off with some Mac and Cheese.

Long Term Child Care: In Home Day Care

If you need a larger amount to supplement your income, think about in home day care. This is a great option for stay at home moms that would like some extra money or need to supplement their husband’s income but would still like to stay at home. Pay varies depending on where you live and the care that you offer. Typically you can expect anywhere from $20 to $40 a day. Which can really add up. Taking an average of $30 per day per child, if you were to watch an extra 4 kids you could make around $2400 a month.

Each state has different regulation on how many kids you can watch and if you need to have a license. Becoming a licensed child care provider can be a great option. Licensed providers are often compensated for food that they feed the children in their care, including your own children. You can make, on average, $100 per month per child (including your own) that are in your care. Assuming you have two children of your own and if you add this to our previous scenario of watching four additional kids you would make an additional $600 per month. In this scenario you would bring in an additional $3000 per month. That is with just four additional kids, many states will allow you to watch 8 to 10 kids at one time. Plus, if you are licensed you can apply for grants. Most states offer licensed child care providers grants to buy toys, strollers, cribs, playpens and other supplies to benefit the children you are watching. The best part is, when you quit watching kids all of the supplies are yours to keep.

I have personally been a licensed provider for years. It can be a really fun option if you love kids and are up for long exhausting days! So if you are seriously thinking about this here are a few things I wish that I would have known when I started:

First, keep records, keep records, keep records! At the end of the fiscal year you will need to provide each parent a statement of how much they have paid you for taxes. Chances are, they haven’t kept track, so make sure that you do!

If you can, have parents pay a set amount and charge for the days that they choose to not bring their child (since you are still holding that spot for their child). I’ve never charged for days I choose not to watch kids. It is easier to charge by the day, week or month than by the hour.

Also, don’t be afraid to take off a day here and there to be with just your kids! It’s important to have that break for you and your kids! It can be overwhelming adding a lot of kids at once.

Start adding one at a time. I’ve watched kids with and without a license. It can take some time to get the license, but my personal feelings are that it is completely worth it. This year alone, I have received about $2500 in grant money and supplies.

Car Radio Installation

March 4th, 2013
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At the same place me and my buddy worked at where we dreamed up all of these ideas, there was another guy who had his own little side business in the hood.

He’d go hang out at car washes and repair shops and network and meet people and he got a reputation for being able to do two things.

Installing Car Radios

He would install car radios and he would tint windows.  To me, I’m a technical person, so it’s not hard for me to figure out how to install a car radio.

But most people can’t even set the time on their VCR, let alone do electrical work.  So they pay someone else to do it.  And he was the go-to man!

Most of the time as well they’d get him to tint their windows.  He’s squeegee it on there and cut it to form and be done!

Install a Radio in a Car


He’d get about $100 bucks to install a radio and tint some windows and I think he could do it all in an hour.  Pretty slick weekend job to me!

Of course it got a little more technical when he was asked to install speakers and subwoofers but not much more.

For a guy like him, he could do it without thinking.  So if you have a specialized skill, exploit it and make some easy money on the weekend!

Training Hunting Dogs

March 4th, 2013
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Back when I was younger, a man from the church hired my brother and I for a random job helping train his dogs how to hunt properly.  What a crazy experience.  I suppose there are lots of people who want this kind of help and don’t want to get all nasty while doing it.  Allow me to explain training hunting dogs.

My brother and I would dress in the warmest clothes we could, and try to find waterproof gloves, because this stuff got so nasty.  We would then take these pistols and load blanks in them.  When we’d shoot them, they’d still make a bang and the dogs wouldn’t know the difference.

How Do You Train Hunting Dogs?

So what we’d do is take real, but dead, ducks and geese and pheasants, and we’d shoot the pistols in the air to make the pop sound.  The dogs would look up, and we’d throw the birds as high and as far as we could to a certain area.  Of course we were hidden behind these little camouflaged tents so the dogs couldn’t see us.  They just thought we shot a bird out of the sky.

We developed a method that made throwing the birds a lot easier as well.  We’d fold their wings back and launch them underhanded like that.  This made it so they didn’t tumble in the air, but their wings actually spread out and it looked like they were flying and crashed.

Training the Dogs to Hunt

But the point is that the dogs are supposed to run in a straight line to the birds.  They were to go through water, thorns, etc.  No turning and taking shortcuts.  I don’t know why it mattered so much.  Who cares as long as they bring back the bird.

But these dogs also had shock collars on, so the hunters could shock the dogs if they didn’t go in a straight line.  I always felt bad for the birds and dogs, so once I shocked myself in the neck with the collar.  Bad idea.  I don’t know how the dogs could take it.  It was to the point where they seemed to ignore the shock, but it hurt very badly.

Anyways, if you can find someone looking for this kind of help and you don’t mind getting slobbery, bloody and wet, then this is decent weekend work for you.  I got paid okay money for essentially sitting there.  But I had no entertainment either.  Pretty boring stuff, but decent money.

Junk Removal

March 4th, 2013
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If you’ve been watching TV, then you’ve probably encountered the show “Shark Tank” which is apparently an American remake of a Canadian show “Dragon’s Den.”  Anyway, if you’ve seen that then you’ve probably seen the many people who’ve created a junk removal business.

They hire underlings and have them do all the work and try to set up locations in every big city.  But you don’t have to do that.  Here is an idea to create a weekend job in your own city passively.

Junk Removal Business Plan

So my thoughts are that the first thing I’d do is get a junked up pick up truck that you don’t mind getting dirty, dented, and scratched.  You probably already have one or access to one.  I’d go to Lowes or Home Depot and I’d buy some sticker letters, or if you are really ambitious you could get a small vinyl wrap for the truck door and back tail gate.  I’d create a company name and then put a phone number on it.  As you drive around passively, people will see this and hopefully need your help.

You can also create business cards and leave them at places like gas stations, the gym, bookstores, etc.  Anywhere people will let you place the cards.  You can also create signs to stick in the ground on busy street corners or right off the interstate with your information.

Junk Removal Work

So what does this job actually entail?  We haven’t mentioned that yet.  What you actually end up doing is loading and unloading people’s junk.  This can mean boxes of crap like clothes, toys, etc.  Or it could be heavy appliances that don’t work any more.  So be able to lift heavy things and be careful as well.  Understand the principles of proper lifting technique so you don’t get injured.

Another thought is to look around where you work. Is your company throwing away things that could be recycled. My brother-in-law took scrap steel that his company was disposing of and recycled it.  He ended up making several thousand dollars in just a few weeks, that is until his company decided to start recycling it themselves. Just make sure your company doesn’t have a problem with you taking it.

Here is a great catch too.  If you get good at junk removal, then you can just as easily offer moving services as well and help move furniture and refrigerators and all that stuff.  This is not easy work, but it’s not work that takes any special skill, so anyone can do it without college and specialized knowledge.  Give it a shot if you are up for some exercise!

Computer Repair

March 4th, 2013
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This is another weekend job idea for you folks out there who are slick with recent technology.

There is still a generation of older folks out there who aren’t real comfortable with all this digital technology.

If you are, then you can definitely make some easy weekend money by doing computer repair.

Computer Repair is a Specialized Skill

Computer repair isn’t a real difficult or taxing task, but it does require specialized knowledge.  And specialized knowledge can command quite an income.  You can charge a good price per job rather than by hour, and if you are good you can knock out several of these jobs at once.  If you hook up four or five computers around a table or the living room floor, you can have several concurrent jobs going at once.

People who are not tech savvy don’t really even know when they have a difficult problem or one that has an easy solution.  This doesn’t mean you are ripping people off, it just means that you have a specialized knowledge and skill to get the job fixed.  And it’s easier to spend $100 than another $1,000 to buy a whole new computer.

Repairing Computers is Easy

If you can install RAM or hard drives, or if you can wipe and reformat a hard drive and reinstall software, then already thats enough to get some repair jobs.  And if you can remove viruses and spyware, even using free software, then you can really get a lot of jobs in, as Windows gets infected constantly.  Easy to do and easy to make some money doing it even as just weekend work.

Dog Sitting and Walking

March 4th, 2013
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Dog Sitting and Walking Idea!

I was watching all the people that live by me with dogs one day and I wondered how much money these people would pay per day to have someone baby sit their dog?  Could you get paid for dog sitting just like you can dog walking?

Could you just set up a giant pen and let the dogs run around all day while you sit there and make sure they don’t hurt each other?  I got to thinking about it.

You could have a giant fan blowing on them, and you could have an artificial stream of clean water for them to drink from.  All you’d have to really do is pick up their poop every hour or so.  You may not even need to feed them if the   owners did that before and after dropping them off.

Easy Dog Sitting and Walking Job

If you did this at an apartment complex itself they wouldn’t really have to travel somewhere before work, I bet people would pay $5 a day or more.  With ten dogs, you could make an easy $50 or $100 a day, depending on what you charge.  You could make even more with more dogs.  People would drop off their dogs and let them play on your dog exercise equipment and all that.

Dog sitting and walking could be a big winner if you have some funds and land up front to spend on a nice pen.  This would make an easy weekend job that could lead to a full time easy weekday job.  Think about it!

Competitive Card Games

March 4th, 2013
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I had a friend who was not an immature or unintelligent guy.  For this reason I couldn’t understand why he was always playing that Pokemon card game and spending his money on rare cards and the like.  I knew these were powerful cards, with great stats, and I just figured he wanted to be the top player.  And I was correct.  He wanted to be the king of the competitive card games.

Competitive Card Games – Why?

But why did he want to win so bad?  I asked him about this.  Why was he traveling across the state and even to other states to play in these tournaments?

Because, he explained, you can win money, more cards the better your chances of winning in the future, and because you can even win college scholarships and grants.

What the heck was he on about?  For real?  He told me that he was winning some decent money.  He’d go to the mall and go to those center booths that had all the cards on display.  He’d look around and see other games that he could potentially get into, and he did.

Other Competitive Card Games

He eventually started also playing Magic: The Gathering and all the little expansion packs that came with it.  He didn’t care at this point.  Whatever game had a big enough following to host tournaments, he would play.  I think he even started playing the games with the figurines you buy and paint.

So here is another weekend job that is more of a hobby than a job, and you can actually stand to make some money if you get a good deck of cards and can develop the skills to pay the bills.  Try it if this is your cup of tea.


March 4th, 2013
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If you need some extra money and have free time on the weekends and you have a skill with words, then you could consider one of the many types of writing possible to generate some extra income.

Among these are writing novels, poetry, magazine columns and articles, ghost writing, and guest blogging or blogging for yourself.

Writing – Novels, Poetry, Articles, Ghost Writing

Many people earn a regular living while writing, so why can’t you earn some extra money while writing as a weekend job?  You can do one of the things I’m doing.  I’m currently writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel.  I’m not doing it to earn money, but it very well might be a winner.  If you want to earn money writing novels, get into a niche that has a lot of readership, such as young adult fiction or romance novels.

You can also explore the idea of writing poetry.  It’s not a very lucrative idea, but if you can lease your poems to greeting cards, poetry anthologies, etc., you could earn some money like that.  Poetry is really something you do for the act of doing it, not for money.  Money may come if your passion shines through, though.

Another way people earn money is by writing columns and articles in newspapers and magazines.  You might be lucky enough to get one of those opinion columns, or you might get a question and answer column.  If you have journalistic tendencies, you might be able to write articles about certain topics of your own interest, or a magazine might hire you to do specific topics.

People pay a lot of money to have these things done for them, where they can pretend that it is them who did the work.  The true author is a ghost writer, meaning they are writing materials and allowing others to claim the work as their own.  Many celebrities and rich folk have books ghost written for them.  It’s a silly thing but it happens all of the time.  You could do this if you can make the connections.

Writing – Blogging and Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very similar to writing articles and columns for newspapers and magazines, but it’s done online on a website.  It may be a newspaper’s or magazine’s website, or just another blogger’s site.  What’s cool about this is you can usually get a link back to your own site from doing this, which can boost your own blog.  If you can get a popular blog that ranks highly on search engines, you’ll get a lot of traffic through your blog.  If you have advertisements or sell an e-book or a regular book, you might get some sales or advertising revenue in your own blog.

Writing can be a lucrative business.  If you are only doing it as a weekend job, then I’d probably go for a website.  I’d build my own while still guest blogging to get links and traffic back to my own site.  Good luck with this one.  I can’t imagine it’d be super easy.

Painting and Drawing

March 4th, 2013
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A great weekend job for the artistic among you is painting and drawing.  If you are a skilled artist, then this might be the right idea for you.

Many people make all kinds of money being commissioned for art projects, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, interior design, and more.

This includes being hired by individuals, companies, and the city.

Painting and Drawing – Individuals

Individuals will hire someone who is visually artistic to paint landscapes, draw caricatures, create blueprints, and more.  I’m currently writing a book, and I’ll need someone to draw some illustrations, including rustic fantasy scenes and old maps, etc.  There are so many opportunities for working for random individuals.  You can go to a flea market or busy traffic section and post up to draw caricatures, paint people, draw real life scenery, etc.  People will buy or hire you on the spot on impulse if you are in the right spot at the right time.

Painting and Drawing – Companies

Companies are constantly looking for artists to come paint scenery on their walls.  This includes big corporations and restaurants, etc.  They may be looking for sculptures, paintings of their CEO’s, or wanting to hire you to illustrate their books, or even become a new artist for their comic books.  There are great opportunities.  Another idea is to just paint and draw as much as you can and upload lower resolution images to your website.  Companies may look at them and then lease the right to use the images from you for their magazines and books.

Painting and Drawing – City

Cities are always looking for beautification projects, meaning they want their city to look more appealing to the eye of visitors and their civilians.  There are many opportunities for painters, drawers, spray painters, sculptors, and more to work for the government, who pays well.  What I would do is get as many examples of my art in the local museums and art shows as possible.  A representative of the city is surely out scouting for opportunities to use local artists for the enhancement of the city.  You will surely end up in the newspaper for this as well, which is great publicity and likely to start bringing in consistent and regular business.

Painting and drawing is not only a wonderful weekend job but it can pay you throughout the week as well if you have plenty of stuff out there by selling leases of previously created work.  Best of luck with this endeavor.  Many people have tried and failed.  There are a lot of artists out there.  But a successful artist can make a very decent living, and you can supplement your income on the weekends with it.