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Teach Preschool

September 15th, 2013
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Another great stay-at-home-mom money-making idea is to teach preschool from your home. I taught elementary school for several years and love working with kids. This can be a great way to bring in some additional income. Preschools typically meet two or three times per week for about two hours. That means you would work about four to six hours per week, plus prep time. You can usually make a pretty good rate per hour, depending on how many kids you teach.

Kids looking at a ship with a sailorThere are so many resources available online to help develop your curriculum. Many moms and teachers post their own worksheets, games and ideas. When I was teaching preschool I loved using they have TONS of awesome lesson plans, worksheets, crafts and anything else that you might need.

Before you begin teaching you need to create a plan (scope and sequence) of what you are going to teach and your goals for the children. Preschool can be quite fun and easy to plan. Follow the alphabet, one letter per week, add in shapes, colors, numbers, Holidays and arts & crafts. Preschool should be fun! Do your research, be prepared and have fun with the kids.

If you have a lot of experience with kids, teaching or even fun ideas you have done with your own kids you could create a blog or website. Rather than working hands-on with the kids you would post your ideas and expertise.

Child Care

August 15th, 2013
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Short Term Child Care: Baby Sitting

If you need money quickly short term child care is a great way to go. Friends, family or neighbors with young children are usually very happy to get a night out alone. You can typically make, depending on where you live, $2 to $5 per child per hour. That means if you watch three extra kids on a Friday evening at a modest $3 an hour per child, for five hours, you could bring in an extra $45. Not bad for a Friday night playing hide and go seek, watching Dora, the Explorer topped off with some Mac and Cheese.

Long Term Child Care: In Home Day Care

If you need a larger amount to supplement your income, think about in home day care. This is a great option for stay at home moms that would like some extra money or need to supplement their husband’s income but would still like to stay at home. Pay varies depending on where you live and the care that you offer. Typically you can expect anywhere from $20 to $40 a day. Which can really add up. Taking an average of $30 per day per child, if you were to watch an extra 4 kids you could make around $2400 a month.

Each state has different regulation on how many kids you can watch and if you need to have a license. Becoming a licensed child care provider can be a great option. Licensed providers are often compensated for food that they feed the children in their care, including your own children. You can make, on average, $100 per month per child (including your own) that are in your care. Assuming you have two children of your own and if you add this to our previous scenario of watching four additional kids you would make an additional $600 per month. In this scenario you would bring in an additional $3000 per month. That is with just four additional kids, many states will allow you to watch 8 to 10 kids at one time. Plus, if you are licensed you can apply for grants. Most states offer licensed child care providers grants to buy toys, strollers, cribs, playpens and other supplies to benefit the children you are watching. The best part is, when you quit watching kids all of the supplies are yours to keep.

I have personally been a licensed provider for years. It can be a really fun option if you love kids and are up for long exhausting days! So if you are seriously thinking about this here are a few things I wish that I would have known when I started:

First, keep records, keep records, keep records! At the end of the fiscal year you will need to provide each parent a statement of how much they have paid you for taxes. Chances are, they haven’t kept track, so make sure that you do!

If you can, have parents pay a set amount and charge for the days that they choose to not bring their child (since you are still holding that spot for their child). I’ve never charged for days I choose not to watch kids. It is easier to charge by the day, week or month than by the hour.

Also, don’t be afraid to take off a day here and there to be with just your kids! It’s important to have that break for you and your kids! It can be overwhelming adding a lot of kids at once.

Start adding one at a time. I’ve watched kids with and without a license. It can take some time to get the license, but my personal feelings are that it is completely worth it. This year alone, I have received about $2500 in grant money and supplies.

Helping on a Farm

March 4th, 2013
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Farmers are in constant need of help.  There are lots of tasks that can be automated now by machinery, but there are some that just have to be done by a person.

Especially if it’s a local farmer and not some giant corporate affair, then they will need help and will probably be very glad to hire you.

Mowing fields, milking cows, feeding horses, planting crops, harvesting crops, separating fruits from trees and plants, shaving sheep, baling hay, etc.

Help Out With Farming

The list goes on and on.  There is so much work to be done on a farm and so few daylight hours.

I had a friend whose girlfriend’s father passed away and he owned a farm.  That was the family’s living and earnings.  So he moved in with them and began tending the farm.  He was so tired.

But he got in pretty good shape!  He would wake up very early to milk and feed the cows.

He would feed the chickens and collect eggs.  Then he’d come to work with the rest of us and continue to work his tail off.  What a life!

Farmers Need Help!

After that, he’d hurry back home so he could do other farm tasks that needed to be done.  I’m not very knowledgeable nor do I have a lot to say about this kind of work.

I just know there is a lot of it to be done and I’ve known a lot of people who’ve made some good weekend money and eased their burdens doing this kind of work.  Think about it!  It’s hard work but good for the soul.

Cooking Ideas

March 4th, 2013
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The same buddy I keep mentioning who helped me think up all of these ideas was at one time a cook, and actually is right now.

He makes some good money as a cook.  They work very hard for their earnings, but it’s decent money.

I’ve known cooks for their own restaurants who really made good money, and like my buddy, he is a cook for a franchise chain and makes decent money still.


If you have a skill in cooking and can manage a lot of details very quickly without making a lot of mistakes, you may have a career in cooking, or at least make some good weekend money.

Just remember, cooks work so hard for their money.  Please be kind and remember to tip and be thankful for your delicious food they prepare!

Other Cooking Ideas

You can cook for a restaurant, or even be a server.  I had a friend in college who only served on the weekends in an upscale Japanese restaurant and would easily bring in two hundred dollars a night, three nights in a row on the weekend.  It was ridiculous how much money he made working 24 hours a week.

You could also open up your own bakery or  cupcake shop.

We know a woman who owns a cupcake shop. She opens whenever she wants to and just posts the hours on the Facebook page.  It’s incredible.  I’m sure she works hard baking all of those cupcakes, but she essentially works whenever she wants.

Additional Cooking Ideas

If you are really a good cook, you can do gourmet cooking at an upscale restaurant.  You can cater weddings and events.  You can teach cooking.  You can write cookbooks.

You can start a cooking blog. I have a friend that started a recipe blog with her sisters. In just a few years it became pretty popular. They have been on TV, host cooking demos and have even published their own cookbook.

You can sell cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc.  I have two friends that sell birthday/wedding cakes out of their homes. They sell mostly to family and friends, but it makes some nice extra income.

There are so many cooking ideas that you can run with that can make you some nice money at the end of the week.

Automobile Repair

March 4th, 2013
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One of my buddies (actually, the guy I’ve been talking about that I worked with for several years as we came up with all of these ideas!) has decided that he wants to go get a certificate that shows he is a professional in automobile repair.

The key is, even though this is a somewhat regulated field and it requires accreditation, if you have the skill without the paperwork proof, most people won’t really care.  You don’t have to open up a shop.  You can just as easily take weekend work in your own garage at your home.

Automobile Repair Certification

My friend is making quite the sacrifice to gain the knowledge and experience that proves he is proficient at repairing automobiles.  He is actually going to move to a different state, take out a loan, and work his butt off to learn all he needs to know.  I don’t think he intends to open up his own shop at first.  He simply wants to join an already established shop just to increase his base income.  This is something you can do and approach as a real career and not just weekend work.

But if you have the knowledge; as so many of us do having grown up with dad’s who taught us or you took it on as a hobby, then by all means start helping out family and friends and tell them to refer people to you.  You can do it in your own home, especially if you can tow their cars to you if needed.  But most of the cars probably remain drivable and can be brought to you more easily.

Automobile Repair Business Plan

Here is what I’m thinking: Get some business cards set up that have a link to your phone number, email, and possibly a website if you can pull that off.  Then start helping out your friends and your family.  Give them copies of your card and have them pass them out to their own acquaintances who mention they need car repair in passing.  They may or may not contact you, but a certain percentage will definitely convert into customers.

At this point you can start getting some regular customers.  Automobile repair is a specialized skill.  You can charge a decent fee for such a service and stand to make some very good weekend money.

Computer Repair

March 4th, 2013
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This is another weekend job idea for you folks out there who are slick with recent technology.

There is still a generation of older folks out there who aren’t real comfortable with all this digital technology.

If you are, then you can definitely make some easy weekend money by doing computer repair.

Computer Repair is a Specialized Skill

Computer repair isn’t a real difficult or taxing task, but it does require specialized knowledge.  And specialized knowledge can command quite an income.  You can charge a good price per job rather than by hour, and if you are good you can knock out several of these jobs at once.  If you hook up four or five computers around a table or the living room floor, you can have several concurrent jobs going at once.

People who are not tech savvy don’t really even know when they have a difficult problem or one that has an easy solution.  This doesn’t mean you are ripping people off, it just means that you have a specialized knowledge and skill to get the job fixed.  And it’s easier to spend $100 than another $1,000 to buy a whole new computer.

Repairing Computers is Easy

If you can install RAM or hard drives, or if you can wipe and reformat a hard drive and reinstall software, then already thats enough to get some repair jobs.  And if you can remove viruses and spyware, even using free software, then you can really get a lot of jobs in, as Windows gets infected constantly.  Easy to do and easy to make some money doing it even as just weekend work.

Construction Job

March 4th, 2013
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If you are a handy man, you have some nice options ahead of you for some good weekend work.  If you know somebody, or can just go join one, a construction job team would be more than happy to take on another good, efficient worker.

If you are comfortable with pneumatic tools, electric power tools, and other manly stuff, then get ready to swing an extra $15 to $20 bucks an hour to pound a hammer and stretch a tape measure.

Construction Job – What are the Options?

So what are some of the options for construction work?  You can help lay the foundations to homes, hotels, or whatever kind of structure is being constructed.

You can help put the frame together, which is pretty interesting work.  Some teams use prefabricated metal frames with insulation already built in.  But more still go old school and knock together a wood frame.

You may find yourself doing plumbing, although that game has changed recently too with the new flexible piping that is super easy to install.  Not having to install a ton of 90 degree angles every four feet is a blessing.

Good Money with a Construction Job

Other things you can do is lay down the tile or lay carpet for the flooring once the building is done.  Or once it’s complete you can help do the masonry of the outside or you can help put the chimney together.

Other less fun work is putting on the finishing touches on the inside, doing trim work, laying hardwood flooring, framing out doorways, installing windows, etc.  But who really cares when it all pays good weekend money.


March 4th, 2013
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I’ve actually held a job as a teacher at an alternative school.  The job actually ended up making me more of a glorified tutor, where I’d help tons of kids with tons of subjects.  Whatever it was that they were stuck on at the moment I would help with, even though I specialized with mathematics.

But I was sitting in a parking lot while my lady was in some arts and crafts store and I saw a building next door that was an after school tutoring company.  They were paying around $15 an hour for a few hours after school every evening, and then I think they’d go for around six hours a day on the weekends.

That would be an easy several hundred extra dollars a week, and probably an extra thousand dollars a week.

Tutoring – Easy on the Body, Hard on the Mind

Do you have a high school education?  Do you remember a bunch of it?  Because that’s all you’ll need to tutor a bunch of high school teenagers and middle school kids.  It’s not rocket science for sure.  But you’ll need a basic understanding of all of the curriculum to do this.

If you can handle it, you’ll find it’s also pretty interesting to communicate and interact with a ton of different people.  Kids are always fun.


Kids love to have fun, and if you can make tutoring fun, then the kids will learn all the better.  The more fun they have, the more rapport you build and the more they will listen and learn.

You Can Make Money and Have Fun Tutoring

This will make a great weekend job for anyone.  It would be fun, you can relax, and still make good money.  Consider this, as you will be contributing to society and to the youth, who are the future of our world.  Good money, good karma!


March 4th, 2013
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If you need some extra money and have free time on the weekends and you have a skill with words, then you could consider one of the many types of writing possible to generate some extra income.

Among these are writing novels, poetry, magazine columns and articles, ghost writing, and guest blogging or blogging for yourself.

Writing – Novels, Poetry, Articles, Ghost Writing

Many people earn a regular living while writing, so why can’t you earn some extra money while writing as a weekend job?  You can do one of the things I’m doing.  I’m currently writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel.  I’m not doing it to earn money, but it very well might be a winner.  If you want to earn money writing novels, get into a niche that has a lot of readership, such as young adult fiction or romance novels.

You can also explore the idea of writing poetry.  It’s not a very lucrative idea, but if you can lease your poems to greeting cards, poetry anthologies, etc., you could earn some money like that.  Poetry is really something you do for the act of doing it, not for money.  Money may come if your passion shines through, though.

Another way people earn money is by writing columns and articles in newspapers and magazines.  You might be lucky enough to get one of those opinion columns, or you might get a question and answer column.  If you have journalistic tendencies, you might be able to write articles about certain topics of your own interest, or a magazine might hire you to do specific topics.

People pay a lot of money to have these things done for them, where they can pretend that it is them who did the work.  The true author is a ghost writer, meaning they are writing materials and allowing others to claim the work as their own.  Many celebrities and rich folk have books ghost written for them.  It’s a silly thing but it happens all of the time.  You could do this if you can make the connections.

Writing – Blogging and Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very similar to writing articles and columns for newspapers and magazines, but it’s done online on a website.  It may be a newspaper’s or magazine’s website, or just another blogger’s site.  What’s cool about this is you can usually get a link back to your own site from doing this, which can boost your own blog.  If you can get a popular blog that ranks highly on search engines, you’ll get a lot of traffic through your blog.  If you have advertisements or sell an e-book or a regular book, you might get some sales or advertising revenue in your own blog.

Writing can be a lucrative business.  If you are only doing it as a weekend job, then I’d probably go for a website.  I’d build my own while still guest blogging to get links and traffic back to my own site.  Good luck with this one.  I can’t imagine it’d be super easy.

Painting and Drawing

March 4th, 2013
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A great weekend job for the artistic among you is painting and drawing.  If you are a skilled artist, then this might be the right idea for you.

Many people make all kinds of money being commissioned for art projects, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, interior design, and more.

This includes being hired by individuals, companies, and the city.

Painting and Drawing – Individuals

Individuals will hire someone who is visually artistic to paint landscapes, draw caricatures, create blueprints, and more.  I’m currently writing a book, and I’ll need someone to draw some illustrations, including rustic fantasy scenes and old maps, etc.  There are so many opportunities for working for random individuals.  You can go to a flea market or busy traffic section and post up to draw caricatures, paint people, draw real life scenery, etc.  People will buy or hire you on the spot on impulse if you are in the right spot at the right time.

Painting and Drawing – Companies

Companies are constantly looking for artists to come paint scenery on their walls.  This includes big corporations and restaurants, etc.  They may be looking for sculptures, paintings of their CEO’s, or wanting to hire you to illustrate their books, or even become a new artist for their comic books.  There are great opportunities.  Another idea is to just paint and draw as much as you can and upload lower resolution images to your website.  Companies may look at them and then lease the right to use the images from you for their magazines and books.

Painting and Drawing – City

Cities are always looking for beautification projects, meaning they want their city to look more appealing to the eye of visitors and their civilians.  There are many opportunities for painters, drawers, spray painters, sculptors, and more to work for the government, who pays well.  What I would do is get as many examples of my art in the local museums and art shows as possible.  A representative of the city is surely out scouting for opportunities to use local artists for the enhancement of the city.  You will surely end up in the newspaper for this as well, which is great publicity and likely to start bringing in consistent and regular business.

Painting and drawing is not only a wonderful weekend job but it can pay you throughout the week as well if you have plenty of stuff out there by selling leases of previously created work.  Best of luck with this endeavor.  Many people have tried and failed.  There are a lot of artists out there.  But a successful artist can make a very decent living, and you can supplement your income on the weekends with it.