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If you are experienced with power tools, such as circular saws, band saws, power drills, pneumatic staplers, and more, then you could possibly consider doing some carpentry work.  If you can read a tape measure and have some spatial reasoning skills, you can make some serious money at this.

There are several things you can do with your carpentry skills to make money.  You can work for a company, you can make your own furniture and sell it, or you could make toys and doll house furniture.

Carpentry Work – Join a Company

carpentry-workThere are many small time companies constantly looking for help.  They are hired to redo kitchens, such as building kitchen cabinets, installing bookshelves, etc.  You would help create desks or cut out table legs and other random but related tasks.  Great money can be earned doing this, but it’s not always consistent.  Lucky for you, you’d only be doing this as a weekend job.

Carpentry Work – Make your own Furniture and Toys

If you have access to a workshop, someone else’s or your own, you can spend the time being commissioned for certain furniture.  Some people want a custom made bookshelf.  You can create it to their specifications and route out some nice designed edges and make it very unique.  This custom work is very valuable.  You can charge very high prices for this type of work, and wealthy people are more than happy to pay it.  If you can make baby cradles, doll houses, cabinets, etc., then you will be able to sell these and take custom jobs for very good money.

There are those who want to buy indestructible toys for their kids so they don’t have to continue purchasing more, and these solid wooden toys can become great family heirlooms.  You can pass them to your children, who can pass them to your grandchildren.  People pay big money for this sentimental value.  You can create trains, cars, trucks, puzzles, etc.  Wooden toys sell for good money.  Think about carpentry work as a weekend job if you have the skills.

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