Car Radio Installation

March 4th, 2013 by Shane Petersen Leave a reply »
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At the same place me and my buddy worked at where we dreamed up all of these ideas, there was another guy who had his own little side business in the hood.

He’d go hang out at car washes and repair shops and network and meet people and he got a reputation for being able to do two things.

Installing Car Radios

He would install car radios and he would tint windows.  To me, I’m a technical person, so it’s not hard for me to figure out how to install a car radio.

But most people can’t even set the time on their VCR, let alone do electrical work.  So they pay someone else to do it.  And he was the go-to man!

Most of the time as well they’d get him to tint their windows.  He’s squeegee it on there and cut it to form and be done!

Install a Radio in a Car


He’d get about $100 bucks to install a radio and tint some windows and I think he could do it all in an hour.  Pretty slick weekend job to me!

Of course it got a little more technical when he was asked to install speakers and subwoofers but not much more.

For a guy like him, he could do it without thinking.  So if you have a specialized skill, exploit it and make some easy money on the weekend!

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