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March 4th, 2013 by Shane Petersen Leave a reply »
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One of my buddies (actually, the guy I’ve been talking about that I worked with for several years as we came up with all of these ideas!) has decided that he wants to go get a certificate that shows he is a professional in automobile repair.

The key is, even though this is a somewhat regulated field and it requires accreditation, if you have the skill without the paperwork proof, most people won’t really care.  You don’t have to open up a shop.  You can just as easily take weekend work in your own garage at your home.

Automobile Repair Certification

My friend is making quite the sacrifice to gain the knowledge and experience that proves he is proficient at repairing automobiles.  He is actually going to move to a different state, take out a loan, and work his butt off to learn all he needs to know.  I don’t think he intends to open up his own shop at first.  He simply wants to join an already established shop just to increase his base income.  This is something you can do and approach as a real career and not just weekend work.

But if you have the knowledge; as so many of us do having grown up with dad’s who taught us or you took it on as a hobby, then by all means start helping out family and friends and tell them to refer people to you.  You can do it in your own home, especially if you can tow their cars to you if needed.  But most of the cars probably remain drivable and can be brought to you more easily.

Automobile Repair Business Plan

Here is what I’m thinking: Get some business cards set up that have a link to your phone number, email, and possibly a website if you can pull that off.  Then start helping out your friends and your family.  Give them copies of your card and have them pass them out to their own acquaintances who mention they need car repair in passing.  They may or may not contact you, but a certain percentage will definitely convert into customers.

At this point you can start getting some regular customers.  Automobile repair is a specialized skill.  You can charge a decent fee for such a service and stand to make some very good weekend money.

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