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March 4th, 2013 by Shane Petersen Leave a reply »
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This one, affiliate marketing, is very much related to the internet marketing idea, because it requires a lot of the same activities, principles, and knowledge.  I won’t repeat all of that here.

Please go read that page if this one sounds appealing to you.  This is largely internet based.  So here is how it functions.

Some people develop products, software, etc., and don’t want to go through the trouble of marketing it themselves.   They’d rather pay someone else a percentage of their sales to do it.

That is where you come in!  If you make a sale, you get a commission, often up to 60% of the sale.  So if you sell a $100 digital product, you don’t even have to ship anything.  They just download it and you make $60 bucks quick and easy.

The Details of Affiliate Marketing

So what more is there to it?  You need to be able to create websites and get them ranked in the search engines and funnel the traffic to the sales page of the vendor.

This is the sales funnel and is very interesting for a dork like me.  It’s a numbers game.

Another way of accomplishing this is to pay money to display ads where you send people directly to the landing page of the vendor.  Here you have to optimize campaigns so you spend less money advertising than you make on the sales so you can turn a profit.

Art and Science of Affiliate Marketing


There is a huge science to all of this, and an art.  You have to tweak your website, build an email list, tweak landing pages, and tweak your creative and advertisements so you can squeeze as much profit out of it as possible.

This is not an easy endeavor and it takes some smarts.  But once you get it set up its generally pretty passive and hands free money.  But it will take a lot of upfront work for no money.  Be patient if you do it and you will make weekend income and weekday income as well!

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